#SOLC18 5/31: Six Word Slice: Winter’s Death Grip

In only 4 days of slicing, I have stumbled upon several unique blog post ideas from the many new friends I have connected with. My slice today is inspired by Kevin @ Kevin’s Meandering Mind. This year he is writing just six word slice posts. It’s harder than you think! Thank you for this inspiration, Kevin.

In Kevin’s style, I will add brief context to my six words: This is a picture of the front of my house. In the summer, our landscaping is beautiful (creds to my husband for his hard work here). The “rainchains” that hang down from the rain gutters are a sight to behold when spring or summer rainwater is trickling down through them to the ground. In the winter, however, they display another kind of beauty altogether. This glimpse at the north facing chain was a dreaded reminder that winter is hanging on tightly here in northwest Montana, and spring is nowhere to be seen.