Five for Friday: Celebrating Mom

While pursuing other #PoetryFriday posts this morning, I came upon Michelle Barnes’s post over at Today’s Little Ditty. Her “Five for Friday” topic was to write a five word poem about a special gift you had either given or received from your mom.

I immediately began thinking of gifts my mom gave me. One of the first thoughts that came to me wasn’t a material gift, but instead it was the give of time that my mom gave so generously in her life. When I remember my mom, I see someone who was always willing to sacrifice her time for others.

When I first became a mom, my mother was right there by my side for those first overwhelming, emotional, and unbelievably exhausting 2 weeks as I transitioned into being a mom. One of the things she loved most was giving my daughter Erica her evening bath. This ritual was a bonding time for both of them, and gave me a chance to rest after a tiring day. Watching her talk, sing and coo with her granddaughter brought me such joy, and I know was equally gratifying for her as a grandma.

I went on to have two more daughters, and her sweet bath time rituals were once again repeated with each of them. These moments and memories placed deep roots in their special relationships with each other. I know she treasured her role as a grandma deeply, and sharing bubbles and giggles together was one of her most coveted routines with her granddaughters.

Meme is gone now, but when I remember her on this Mother’s Day, one extra special gift I celebrate that she gave me was her love and devotion to my daughters. She exemplified selfless love and helped me become the mom I am today.

And one day, when I get to hold my first grand-baby in my arms, the first thing I will be longing to do is savor sweet bath times together, just like Meme did.