Poetry Friday: Butterfly Pi-Ku

My friend and poet mentor, Margaret Simon is hosting our Poetry Friday gathering today. Stop over at her blog to read about her students’ exploration of nature through poetry. Their beautiful pi-ku poems inspired me to write one of my own!

My kindergartners and I are currently in awe and wonder over our 10 painted lady crysalises. On Monday of this week the 10 caterpillars were heartily feasting on the food in the plastic cup they came to us in just 4 days prior. Every day they seemed to grow larger! Wednesday the first crysalis found its hanging spot on the lid, and by the next day, all 10 had settled into their positions while 20 wide-eyed boys and girls looked on in amazement.

It is such fun watching their excitement and listening to them share their thoughts and predictions of what is happening. I am amazed at their depth of understanding and curiosity with the entire process. Fingers crossed that we are in the classroom on the day our butterflies are ready to emerge into the world!

tight crysalis.
a miracle right before our eyes.

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Butterfly Pi-Ku

  1. lindabaie says:

    They must be so excited to come to school each morning. Love that you are doing this, and the pi-ku shows the moment. Next they’ll begin to wiggle, a miracle!

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  2. I admit to adoring kindergarten, and am always impressed by their thinking, but think that 20 minutes at a time is enough. I can imagine how excited everyone is.
    Your pi-Ku is delightful!

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