SOL 26/31: I Spy @ Starbucks

It’s spring break week, which means I can do my Costco run when they open rather than at peak shopping time on Saturday. I’ve got a little time to kill before the doors open, so what better way to wait than to swing in for a coffee at the next-door Starbucks?

People watching is always fun to do in a coffee shop. Two friends sit at a nearby table, catching up on families and work life. Another table hosts two friends who I’m guessing might be a middle-age daughter and her mother. They are smiling and laughing together, perhaps sharing stories of silly encounters with the grandchildren. Behind me sits a solo table with a man, his chocolate croissant, and and orange juice. He is soon joined by a friend and they begin discussing matters of current events and the dismal weather outside.

It’s a quiet morning in Starbucks. Everyone has a story and a friend to share it with. I share mine with you today! Cheers to whatever your day brings your way.

11 thoughts on “SOL 26/31: I Spy @ Starbucks

  1. Terje says:

    People watching is fun. When I go to a cafe during a break I always wonder who the other people are. The elderly and the mothers with kids are obvious, but all the others can’t be teachers on the break, can they?

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  2. Colin Davitt says:

    Totally do that at our Starbucks. There are always these two guys in there every day. One works on code at a fast pace goes outside to smoke and then keeps coding never talking to anyone. It is so interesting.

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  3. I often wonder about people as I people watch, whether in a coffee shop or on my neighborhood walk. Making up stories; happy ones when I need to be surrounded by goodness. Like that you shared your “story.”

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