SOL 22/31: Exploring Seattle

I am currently chaperoning my daughter’s high school choir tour to Seattle. It’s been fun being with this group of teenagers from a small Montana town. Everything about a big city fascinates these kids. Tall high rise buildings, unique restaurants, and fancy sports cars are just a few of the eye-catching things that stop them in their tracks.

Today we visited the beautiful St James Cathedral. Our wonderful guide taught us about many details we might have easily missed without her knowledge and expertise. We viewed a painting from the 14th century, I lit a candle for my friend’s friend who is battling cancer, and we sat in awe listening to the romantic orchestral pipe organ fill the sanctuary with a beauty that was positively palpable.

The highlight of course was hearing the kids sing in this incredible space that is just meant for the joy of music! I was especially thrilled to join them on one of their songs that I actually sang when I was in this choir. Other visitors sat down to listen as well, mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty in their voices.

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