SOL 6/31: Finding Success with Tech

Today was a busy day in K-B. As we approach the end of the second trimester, preparing for report cards is foremost on our minds. In kindergarten, reporting academic progress involves a long list of standards covering phonics, phonemic awareness, reading readiness skills, writing, mathematics, as well as social and emotional behaviors. In all, I report on nearly 55 specific benchmarks for my 20 students.

Because they are 5 and 6 year-olds, most of these standards are most accurately assessed 1:1. This can make keeping the normal flow of instruction and our daily routines a challenge at best! Recently, however, I discovered how two very helpful apps could step in and help me assess nearly all of my students across a majority of the standards using iPads.

Seesaw and Classkick are excellent tools that my kindergartners can easily navigate. I can create specific assessments for whatever area I need that are engaging, rigorous, and yield me informative data that allow me to accurately assess each student’s progress.

Today I created a whopping 14-page math activity that my kids dove into with gusto! In all, it covered nearly half of the standards I need to assess. Every student completed the work with time to spare, feeling excited about what they were able to show me they could do. We celebrated their efforts at the end of the day with extra independent reading time.

Using technology with my littles has been something I have found myself steering away from. Up until I found Seesaw and Classkick, I felt that most apps were just too “gamey” and yielded little academic merit. These apps allow me to steer the ship, choosing what the activities are, and ensure I am connecting our learning directly to what the activities are asking them to do on their iPad. And bonus – all of their work can be easily shared directly with their parents, who have the Family version of Seesaw on their phones and devices.

How are you successfully using technology with your students? Share your favorite app or other online platforms in a comment below. As you peruse comments, perhaps you will come across something new you can try with your students.


2 thoughts on “SOL 6/31: Finding Success with Tech

  1. I have found SeeSaw so helpful when it comes to writing assessments. Before my students were connected on SeeSaw, I would run around and ask kids to read their writing to me and I would jot as much as I could down on a post it. After teaching for 15 years, I am pretty good at figuring out their developmental spelling. However, there were always a few that were difficult to figure out by the time I sat down and tried to assess it.

    Now, I have kids record their final writing in SeeSaw and often play it back when I have their paper and Caulkin’s writing rubric in front of me. I am curious how you use SeeSaw for other subject area assessments. I am also not familiar of Classkick, but curious about its capabilities.


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