SOL 1/31 (& bonus Poetry Friday) Winter Haiku

Hello March! Today marks Day 1 of 31 days of blogging with my friends at Two Writing Teachers. Every March they host the annual Slice of Life Challenge, where bloggers commit to posting to their blog every day for a month. Last year was my inaugural year, and I am proud to say I stayed the course and posted each and every day. I won’t say it was easy. I met several new friends along the way though, which made the journey all the more sweet.

My first post will be a dual posting, since Day 1 happens to fall on a Friday, which is Poetry Friday. We are gathering together with Linda Baie over at her blog, Teacher Dance. She has a beautiful poem about spring to share – I encourage you to stop over!

I wish I could say that where I live we too are on the precipice of spring. Alas, here in northwest Montana, winter still has a tight grip on us. As I type this post, the banging of my husband up on the roof attacking the death grip of icicles on our dormers reminds me that spring is still a long way away from us. Reading Linda’s poem is a beautiful promise of what awaits us in another six weeks (at least).


13 thoughts on “SOL 1/31 (& bonus Poetry Friday) Winter Haiku

  1. Everything is white outside my window in South Dakota, and we have been promised a low of -14 tomorrow. Yikes! Yesterday it hit 30 for the first time in a month, I think, and it really did feel like a heat wave. But not long lasting obviously. I love the visceral feel of “the grip of winter”–it has been very grippy here too!

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  2. lindabaie says:

    So happy you joined Poetry Friday, too, and juxtaposed your poem with mine. We have sunny warmth today, then a snowstorm & “the grip of winter” back this weekend. Ah, March! Love that amazing picture, too!

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  3. Love your poem. I’m in the midwest, and though we aren’t quite as wintry as you, there is also not a sign of spring to be seen. We’ll be getting another 2-4 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow. Let’s hope we’ll both have an inspired spring haiku to share soon!

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