SOL… Wanted: Learning Curve

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Recently I saw this Tweet from Pernille Ripp:

I loved this – so often as educators, we are spending our time outside of school reading a professional book, participating in a book study, and/or attending professional development. All worthy of our time certainly, but what about perusing new learning outside of teaching?

This got me thinking. Really thinking. I honestly had to sit with this idea for some time before remembering that just before Christmas break while at Michaels craft store buying last minute craft embellishments for my students I saw a sign for an upcoming crochet class. I thought to myself, what a great idea to take this class right before the break, and I can just crochet my way through the entire winter break!

True confession. I never made it to the class. Not because I didn’t want to. I was all ready to be there the Friday evening before Christmas break, but my daughter injured her shoulder while skiing that afternoon, and instead of going to the crochet class, I was at urgent care.

I haven’t given up on my plan to get to an upcoming class though! Just tonight I checked their website to find when upcoming classes are offered. Who knows? Maybe by Valentine’s Day I will be able to make myself a warm neck cowl…here’s hoping!

Back to Pernille’s question….what is something new you have recently learned, or perhaps want to learn?


4 thoughts on “SOL… Wanted: Learning Curve

  1. mshubb1104 says:

    New learning is definitely something I am working on. This year I am trying to learn as much as I can about writing. I am in a writing group for teacher/writers called teach Write. I think you raise a great point about educators often getting sondumed with professional learning that personal learning often takes a back seat. Thank you for sharing!

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