#SOLC18 3/31: Celebrating Saturday


Saturday mornings in my house once were full of activity. Four daughters, a dog, and a chatty cockatiel made for a whirlwind of comings and goings. My husband is a mail carrier, so most Saturdays he was long gone by the time the chaos took flight.

Presently however, Saturday mornings are quiet. Two daughters have left the nest, and the final two are busy high schoolers who are either sleeping or have already left for jobs or other social events. This leaves me with now two dogs and the cockatiel to keep me company.

After a busy week of teaching 5 year-olds, I find solitude and respite in my kitchen, pouring over recipes from favorite food bloggers. I love baking the most. Whipping up a batch of warm muffins feeds my soul and replenishes my weary spirit. A favorite playlist on my wireless speaker, and I am set. Measuring and mixing, followed by the aroma of something delicious in the oven, and my sanctuary is complete.

I do miss the days of flipping slices of french toast while the hungry eyes of my girls looked on. The chatter of shared stories of their busy days at school followed by queries of “what are we gonna do today, mom?” are but a memory now. Most Saturdays are just me and my furry friends. It’s a quiet world, but one I can and do celebrate!

What do your Saturday mornings look like?


2 thoughts on “#SOLC18 3/31: Celebrating Saturday

  1. Read, Write, Travel, Repeat says:

    Happy Saturday! You Saturdays sound peaceful. The memory of your Saturdays from before tugged on my heartstrings a bit. Life changes whether we like it or not I suppose. I’m enjoying a quiet Saturday myself. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    Ah, I do love my Saturday mornings. Long sips of coffee and walks with Charlie. That feeling of not having to be anywhere or do anything in particular. This is good for us. It keeps us going the rest of the week.

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